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FAQ on MG-300

Here are some of the most common FAQs on MG-300

How many axis does it measure?

This meter meter measures from a single axis

I have discovered a cell phone tower .21 miles from my home. I would like to purchase a EMF detector to see what I am up against. will this work?

This Meter is for low frequency EMF. In order to measure signals from cell tower you will need RF meter such as the HF-B3G (

Will this measure the EMF in a Sauna?

Saunas usually generates EMF magnetic fields, so the LATNEX MG-300 will pick them up.

Does this meter have a serial number and a seal of approval from an accredited laboratory?

Yes, the meter has a serial number and comes with a calibration certificate. The instrument guarantees that the product has been inspected and tested in accordance with the published specifications. The instrument has been calibrated by the manufacturer in Taiwan, by using equipment which already are calibrated to standards traceable to international standards. ISO 9001:2008(CNS12681)

What does this meter measure? 

The MG-300 measures EMF radiation from high-power transmission lines, appliances, and electrical wires.