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LATNEX Low EMF Corded Landline Telephone LAT-P20

Original price $ 34.99
Current price $ 19.99

Although wireless, cordless landline and cell phones are convenient and have changed our lives in many ways, they also come with health risks that most people are not aware of.

All cordless telephones and cell phones emit electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation in the RF and ELF electromagnetic fields. Based on research done around the world, continuous exposure to this has the potential to cause serious health problems such as headaches, hearing, cancer, and other health issues.

This corded phone is designed to be simple and functional. It effectively lowers the radiation and allows you to be EMF safe when on the phone.


  • Easily accessible by simply placing this phone on any desk or mounting to the wall - a very simple installation.
  • Large buttons and a light indicator makes it easy to use for impaired hearing and low vision aid elderly people.


  1. Pulse/Tone switch selection, DTMF Dialing System, 
  2. Last calling number redial
  3. Ringer Hi-Low Selection
  5. Desk or Wall Mountable