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Digital GPS Speedometer with 3 Backlight Colors - Green/Red/Blue

$ 99.99
LATNEX® Digital GPS Speedometer can be used to test the driving speed (accuracy is 1km/h) and driven distance of your vehicle accurately.
  • Powerful driving speed system, clock function and voltage detection.
  • Powerful driving speed system(units KM/H, MI/H, NMI/H), clock function and voltage detection. CE and ROHS certified
  • Driving Speed System Including: satellite positioning, real-time monitoring current driving speed, max speed viewable and resettable, overspeed alert can be settled.
  • Voltage Detection Including: Real-time detection voltage value, detection range DC10-24V. GPS will automatically be positioning UTC, 24-hour system.
  • Unique Design Including: easy installation, waterproof Rate IP65, save all data automatically, meticulous PCB design, etc.
Display Screen LCD + Green Backlight
Product Size Ø 64.4mm x 66mm
Screen Size 25.5 x 36mm
External Power Supply DC 10-24V
Voltage Accuracy ±0.5%
Clock 24H
Speed Range 0-999km/h
Speed Accuracy ±2km
Mileage Range 0-99999km
Package White Box
Packing Size 70mm x 70mm x 70mm
N.W.  150g
Waterproof Rate IP65
Housing Material ABS
Display Panel Material PC
Part Number  SM-GPS96

Digital GPS Speedometer - dimensions

User Manual