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Tach/Hour Meter HM-005L

$ 49.99

This is the new LATNEX HM-005L Digital Backlight Multifunction Tach/Hour meter. It is suitable for all types of gasoline engines:

  • 2 Stroke 1 cylinder/2 stroke 2 cylinder/2 stroke 3 cylinder Gas engines.
  • 4 stroke 1 cylinder/4 stroke 2 cylinder/4 stroke 4 cylinder/4 stroke 6 cylinder Gas engines.

Product Features

Hour Meter (TOT) Features: Help to track how many hours the engine is working.

  • When engine is off, display shows total run time of engine and remains visible.
  • Total Hours reading displays from 0 to 99999.9 hours, the timing accuracy is 0.1H/1H.
  • TOT hours are non-resettable.

JOB timer (JOB) Features: Used to measure the time of a particular job, such as an oil change or service appointment.

  • To operate related button, you can check the JOB timer easily.
  • JOB timer read from 0 to 99999.9 hours.
  • JOB timer is resettable.

Tachometer Features: Display real-time RPM value and Max RPM recall.

  • Record the real-time RPM value when engine is on.
  • Various of engine firing patterns can be programmed, keep the RPM more accurate.
  • Tachometer displays from 0-20000RPM with 10 RPM resolution.
  • Record and recall engine MAX RPM.


  • Product dimension: φ60mm×50mm.
  • LCD screen size:30x23.5mm, Dual Screen display.
  • Standard inductive wire length is 1.1m(UL1107 AWM 22AWG), functions are workable when the wire is shorten or extend.
  • Easy to install, including positive and negative cable, inductive cable, cable tie, bracket, user manual.
  • CE RoHS certification.
  • Waterproof rate: IP65.


This device is for outdoor power equipment, generators, construction machinery, vehicles, boats, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, pressure washers, chainsaws, snow blowers, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, Scooters, Golf carts etc.