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Mechanical Hour Meter HM-009

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$ 24.99

The LATNEX HM-009 Mechanical Hour Meter measures the working time of AC/DC powered equipment. It accumulate total working hours, has a 6-digit display that is easy to read. No battery required. It has a waterproof design which makes it suitable for any weather conditions.

Product Features:

  • Fully sealed design, this product has the advantages of novel structure, dexterity, high accuracy.
  • Widely used, stable and reliable performance, long service life, convenient to use.
  • Widely used in automobiles, engineering machinery, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery, generators, air compressors, water pumps, cranes, etc.
  • It can track and monitor precision instruments and equipment to provide scientific basis for the assessment of maintenance cycle.
  • High precision measurement range, the range is from 0 to 99999.9H.

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Timing Range: 0-99999.9H
Timing Accuracy: ± 0.01
Zero Reset Device: Not resettable
Power: 0.3W
Operating Temperature: -10 ℃ - 50 ℃
Relative Humidity: Fully Sealed
Seismic Amplitude: 10-70HZ 1-8g (degree of gravity)

User manual