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RF Explorer Upconverter is a high performance RF frequency mixer to enable input frequency ranges from 100KHz to 250MHz in RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer and other devices such as SDR and wideband radios.


RF Explorer Upconverter is a multi-purpose device:

* Includes an Upconverter Mixer to enable frequencies 100Khz - 250MHz in your

RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer or other devices such as RTL-SDR and converts into 530.1-780MHz

* Internal selectable Low Noise Amplifier of 25dB gain nominal, to increase sensitivity of receivers, Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes and Near Field antennas in frequencies 100KHz - 4GHz

* Internal selectable Attenuator 30dB nominal to enable large signal measurement


• Internal LNA amplifier and selectable attenuator

•In Mixer mode convert frequencies from input 100KHz-250MHz up to 530.1-780MHz output

•In Bypass mode it can work in frequencies from 50KHz to 4GHz including LNA and Attenuator

•Compact size and light weight

•Solid aluminum metal case

•Mini USB port is used for powering the unit DC 5V, easy connection to a PC, wall wart or even portable power bank battery.

•Easy connection to RF Explorer with included RF adapter SNA Male-Male

•Ideal device to amplify weak signals using RF Explorer Near Field antennas 

For more details about user guide and coding, please visit Upconverter site link.

Technical Details

Dimensions 120mm x 77mm x 26mm
Weight G.W 95g    
Battery Exclude
Input Frequency band Mixer Mode 0.1 – 250MHz
Input Frequency band: Bypass Mode 0 – 4GHz
LNA Frequency band 0 – 4GHz
Attenuator Frequency band 0 – 4GHz
Internal selectable LNA 25dB gain
Internal selectable Attenuator 30dB
Connectors Standard SMA 50 ohms RF connectors
Absolute Max input power Bypass and Attenuator mode +30dBm
Absolute Max input power LNA mode +5dBm
Mixer stability and accuracy (typical) +-10ppm

Part List

RF Explorer Upconverter 1
SMA Male-Male adapter 1